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to follow us on WechatBuilding a better study-life balance for c▓hildrenBuilding a better study-life balanc▓e for childrenBuilding a better study-life balance for chil▓dren05-31-201

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6 11:35 BJTBy Tom McGregor, CNTV P▓anview CommentatorFamilies from all over the wor▓ld are expected to celebrate Children's ▓Day on June 1. It's a day to honor kids, especially thos

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e living in China.In China and throug▓hout much of Asia, families want their children to ▓study hard in elementary schools, so they can achieve high marks and classroom rankings that

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help them to enter more prestigious middle schools and high schools later on.On the contrary, many elemen▓tary school students in the West can b▓ask in carefree lives, where they

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could have nap tim▓es, play sports, take arts and music classes, along wi▓th learning the 3 Rs' - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.Western students are taught the values of acting i

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ndependent, thinking independent and wo▓rking independent, so they can embark on their futur▓e careers with confidence. Such ideal▓s have captured the hearts of many Chine

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their children to Western schools.Not so rosy picture for schools in the WestNevertheless, Chinese parents, growing frustrated with the rigid education system i▓

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ten too eage▓r to send their children abroad withou▓t recognizing major societal ills elsewhere in the world.Western schools do have some advantages, since st

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ut, parents should understand that in countr▓ies, such as the United States, the Land of the Free is also the Land of Debauchery.Western students have been taugh

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many▓ kids have gotten more prone to bullying, engaging in sexually promiscuous behavior or do illicit drugs, which include elementary school stude▓nts at the i

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acher are afraid to discipline students for f▓ear that money-hungry lawyers suing and scho▓ol boards firing them. US President Barack ▓Obama also mandated that all

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